That’s So Last Century

     One of my main sources of style inspiration comes from decades past. I absolutely love vintage clothing because I’m a bit of a fashion historian. I am in awe with the way fashion evolves over the years (decades, centuries); the way hemlines drop or raise, silhouettes slim down or enlarge, heels stack up or form a different shape, trend accessories change – All these elements influenced by what was going on at the time in terms of politics, music, war, career, etc. I’m completely fascinated by the cyclical nature of fashion. Traces of the 70’s are still seen on the streets today – in the form of maxi-length hems and giant platforms. Fashion is a great way to feel connected to the past, to feel as though you’ve lived through many decades and experienced the glamour of each one.
     The 1920s have been on my mind lately. I came across this amazing video clip that is a silent commercial, if you will. It’ll make you want to put on your flapper dress and mary-janes and dance the Charleston (Seriously).

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