Super Beauties

When I read through fashion magazines, I’m not only looking at the jaw-dropping fashion but at the beautiful faces. I think the most successful models are the ones who look the most exotic. It’s hard to tire of something -someone in this case- that looks so different. It was no surprise to see that the top ten highest paid supermodels according to Forbes have very distinguishing features. These are the faces (and bodies) that everyone can remember. Click for the full list.

5. Doutzen Kroes
Born in: Netherlands
Earnings: $6.9 million
Fun Fact: Was a speed skater before she began modeling.

Source: Vogue Netherlands
Source: Vogue

4. Adriana Lima
Born in: Brazil
Earnings: $7.3 million
Fun Fact: Her April 2006 GQ cover was the highest-selling issue of the year.

Source: Vogue Spain

3. Natalia Vodianova
Born in: Russia
Earnings: $8.6 million
Fun Fact: Sold fruit on the street when she was younger.

Source: Vogue Italia

2. Kate Moss
Born in: London, England
Earnings: $9.2 million
Fun Fact: Has been on the cover of British Vogue 32 times.

Source: Elle France
Source: Vogue UK
Source: Vogue Russia

1. Gisele Bündchen
Born in: Brazil
Earnings: $42 million
Fun fact: Was rejected from many modeling jobs at the start of her career because “her nose was too big”.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar UK


By Peter Lindbergh
Source: Harper’s Bazaar


Source: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment




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