Fashionable Little Ones

There are a number of things parents instill into their kids: values, morals, integrity, virtue… and style? There are a growing number of designers who have an equally fashionable line for kids in addition to their women’s and men’s lines. Dsquared is one of the latest to jump on board; the design duo will be […]

Real Life Fairy Tales

Long, beautiful fabric flowing with graceful movement. Gold, silver, and rose gold shining as it catches the reflection from the sun’s rays. Bold, red lips. Dark, sultry eyes. Flawlessly framing tuxedos. Perfectly polished leather. Award shows are more than a recognition of inspired writing, brilliant performances, and overall film creativity. Visually, they’re glimpses of real […]


There’s something so exciting about the holidays. I love any chance to decorate to extremes. And Christmas is no exception. I love the lights that illuminate neighborhoods, the beautifully adorned pine trees, the smell of Christmas baked goods, and the window displays. Yes, the window displays. They are incredible sources of creative inspiration. Here are […]

Super Beauties

When I read through fashion magazines, I’m not only looking at the jaw-dropping fashion but at the beautiful faces. I think the most successful models are the ones who look the most exotic. It’s hard to tire of something -someone in this case- that looks so different. It was no surprise to see that the […]

That’s So Last Century

     One of my main sources of style inspiration comes from decades past. I absolutely love vintage clothing because I’m a bit of a fashion historian. I am in awe with the way fashion evolves over the years (decades, centuries); the way hemlines drop or raise, silhouettes slim down or enlarge, heels stack up […]